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SQL Server Administration

Effective SQL Server Administration is often made out to be a dark art, yet it's really more about discipline and best practice.

If you read some of the SQL Server blogs and articles you would be forgiven for thinking you need a brain the size of a planet to be an effective DBA, and that some decisions have life or death ramifications.

Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact some things are just too simple, allowing changes to be made without proper planning.


Installing SQL Server

Because installing SQL Server is so easy it is tempting to cut corners, fail to plan properly and blindly accept default options without considering the alternatives.

SQL Server Configuration

The importance of correct configuration. Which default configuration options to change. Common mistakes.

SQL Server Error Log - Keep It Clean

The SQL Server Error Log and Windows Event Log are essential for trouble shooting some problems. But what do you do if there are a load of errors and warnings not related to your problem?

DBCC CHECKDB - Use and Abuse

How to use it and what to do when it finds corruption.

Beware Group Policy

Group Policy is a useful tool in the armoury of systems administrators, but make sure they are aware of the impact on your SQL Servers.

SQL Server 2008 Deprecated Features

What are they? And how to tell if you are still using them.