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OK, so it's not really a blog; you can't add comments to the articles yet, but I'm working on it.

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DBCC CHECKDB - Use and Abuse

DBCC CHECKDB - How to use it and what to do when it finds corruption...

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max degree of parallelism - When to change it

max degree of parallelism is one of those SQL Server settings where it is often correct to change it from the default...

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Reserved Words

What is the list of reserved words for SQL?

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sp_help_revlogin Alternative

A PowerShell alternative to sp_help_revlogin...

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How much time to take a backup for 300GB?

How much time to take a backup for 300GB?

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This is a warning for anyone considering using a FastHosts hosting package. DON'T DO IT.

I had another website hosted with them and have just attempted to cancel the package.Despite having a button on their site that says "Don't Renew", it turns out they ignore this and will only cancel if you phone them first.

As a result, I have just been charged another £64.50; and FastHosts have refused to refund it.

This seems like a desperate attempt to get as much money as possible out of their customers, and is attrociously poor customer service.

Now compare that with SBI, who host this site.They are by far the best website host I have used, and it is their business building tools and knowledge that have grown traffic to 12,000 visits per month (and still growing).

I repeat the warning; choose FastHosts at your own risk.

SQL Server Connection Problems

I am having SQL Server connection problems. I get the message An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. I have definitely

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Virtual Log File

What is a virtual log file? We have just been told by a consultant that we have too many for one of our databases and we need to reduce them to get

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Physical CPU Count

How to get the physical CPU count for a server using PowerShell and WMI...

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PowerShell Backup Check

A PowerShell script to get overdue backups...

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